It’s long been said that success in business is about location, location, location — but the truth is, that’s not actually enough to make it big. You’ve got to have relationships, relationships, relationships, too. Practicing good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important for anyone working in the world of sales. Every transaction, big or small […]

Facebook auto reply is the solution every busy social media marketer or swamped customer service agent needs. Automated responses on Facebook don’t just keep your customers informed and satisfied. They also ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that your team is in the loop with every social interaction. Below, we’ll go over what […]

A solid understanding of the latest social media demographics is the cornerstone of any social media strategy. As the popularity of various platforms waxes and wanes, the savviest marketers will spot new opportunities to reach target audiences on the platforms where they are most likely to build lasting relationships. Bookmark this page as your one-stop […]

The algorithm giveth and the algorithm taketh away. Such is the cycle of social media. After launching their native carousel post format in July 2022, LinkedIn recently announced their removal of it less than a year later. Why? Apparently because of user feedback that LinkedIn carousels (and link stickers and profile videos) weren’t hittin’ the […]

At this point, you’ve heard it all about AI. AI can help you write better. AI can help you create faster. But can it help your social captions perform better? As a busy social media marketer, anything that promises to make the content creation process easier and faster is appealing. And with tools like ChatGPT making […]

In the fast-paced Twittersphere (or is it the X-sphere now?), knowing the right Twitter hacks can be a huge advantage. Only 43% of marketers promote their business on Twitter, meaning there’s market share to grab. Having a few tricks up your sleeve can help you save time and maximize every opportunity. It doesn’t hurt that […]

Using your PC for work and play is great, but no matter if you’re doing basic tasks or managing a business, sooner or later you will need a productivity suite to write, proofread, make some calculations, or create a presentation. Word, Excel, PowerPoint are industry standards but paying an Office 365 subscription may not be […]

What just happened? Kobo has introduced a premium alternative to the Kindle Scribe that’s just a hair more affordable than Amazon’s offering. The company’s monthly subscription service is also now available in more regions including the US. The new Kobo Elipsa 2E is described as a best-in-class reading and writing product. It features a 10.3-inch […]

In a nutshell: The latest batch of Starlink satellites has had trouble getting into orbit. All 21 descended when they were supposed to ascend about two weeks after launch. Most stabilized and began rising again, but four continued to fall. One has burned up in Earth’s atmosphere, and Elon Musk said there could be more […]

Highlights: Nvidia Corporation is expanding its product line with new software capabilities and a high-performance computing platform that scientists can use to expedite their research. During SC22, Nvidia will also detail its collaboration with Lockheed Martin Corporation to develop a system for visualizing geophysics data such as sea temperature measurements. Nvidia Corporation is adding new […]